Wind River Showcases the Yocto Project and GENIVI in IVI

By Franz Walkembach

Walkembach_2We're looking forward to an upcoming global GENIVI all hands meeting that brings together major OEMs like BMW, Peugeot, Citroen, Nissan or Renault as well as automotive Tier 1 companies like Continental Automotive, Denso, Delphi and Bosch. Later this month, these organizations will gather for several days near Paris to discuss the current state of affairs and latest developments from the GENIVI Alliance. Some of the key things we’ll be discussing at this industry event include issues like connectivity, security software in automobiles, Android and detailed findings from expert technology workgroups such as the BIT (baseline integration team) team or the automotive expert group.

As an exciting show of technology capabilities, Wind River will be demonstrating the first examples of a GENIVI-based in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) platform that was created using the Yocto Project. This is significant because this type of new platform can better help customers build their own software platform for IVI systems based on open source foundations. It would enable them to reduce cost and time to market by leveraging open source experience from commercial providers such as Wind River. The demo includes reference boards from major silicon vendors such as Freescale and Texas Instruments, adds Wind River tool chain components and the latest GENIVI-platform release. Wind River will also showcase its own IP components such as fast boot performance capabilities.

Another demonstration will highlight Wind River Hypervisor running on Intel silicon showcasing 3 different guest partitions (one real time OS and 2 Linux based OS) supporting a shared graphics concept, which is still a unique and breakthrough capability in the IVI software industry. It addresses several key automotive issues needs such as safety certification, fast boot or bill of material reduction.

By providing such a strong representation of a wide variety of technologies, from GENIVI and Linux running alongside VxWorks to Android, Wind River continues to support the automotive industry in all their product groups. While at the GENIVI All Hands meeting, member companies will have a chance to see these technologies first hand at the Wind River table. There’s no doubt that our jam-packed week of specialized sessions and eye-opening technical demonstrations will make for a memorable gathering.


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    it’s high time to develop automobile applications that are capable of communicating with android smartphones. it can help boost the car infotainment industry if all oem’s will come out with a decisive plan for the future.

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