The GENIVI Universe

By Franz Walkembach

Walkembach_2The Star Wars saga was one of those rare movies series that managed to create a new standard for an entire industry. It can leave you fascinated for the whole following week after you’ve seen it. You don’t even need an expensive video system to enjoy its rich and powerful action. While the automotive industry constantly hopes to wow consumers with state of art technologies and ever expanding capabilities, one has to wonder: “Does an automotive version of Star Wars exist? Something that creates a new standard for all of us to be measured against?” Oh yes, it exists and there is nothing alien about it.

It’s called GENIVI (a concatenation of Geneva, and the acronym IVI), and it is a non-profit industry alliance committed to driving the broad adoption of an in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) open-source development platform. The alliance aims to align requirements, deliver reference implementations, offer certification programs, and foster a vibrant open-source IVI community. See? A new standard.

"Always in motion the future is"                      

The GENIVI Alliance was officially launched in March 2009 and its founding members included BMW Group, Wind River, Intel, GM, PSA, Delphi, Magneti-Marelli, and Visteon. Now, more than 180 companies are committed to this standard.

As one of the founding members of GENIVI, Wind River has been involved in the development of the first GENIVI based products for the automotive industry. For the Star Wars geeks, consider us one of the Jedi masters (perhaps, Yoda). Wind River has 8 members in the expert groups of GENIVI, and we’ve been actively contributing to the members’ open source repository by defining, developing, integrating, testing and sharing key automotive middleware components.

Wind River first secured GENIVI compliance in August 2011, with our Wind River Platform for Infotainment (PFI). All versions of Wind River PFI included GENIVI recommended components, several of these components actually being co-developed by Wind River. We recently showcased some of our latest capabilities at the last GENIVI All Member Meeting in Paris, where we presented a demo based on the GENIVI Audio Manager component. It demonstrated excellent results on routing of multiple independent audio streams from navigation or phone audio. These streams can run simultaneous and on multiple sources and sinks.

“The Force is strong with this one”                  

When the GENIVI Compliance Program was officially established last year, Wind River Platform for Infotainment (PFI) was one of the first software platforms awarded with GENIVI compliance 1.0. It is our Luke Skywalker if you will – powerful, reliable and possessing an incredible range of capabilities. We help customers save on development time and costs, allowing them to focus on the technologies that will differentiate their IVI products and accelerate time-to-market. Our deep expertise and solution accelerator technologies help make us a reliable partner for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

Our Wind River PFI provides an excellent technology and tool foundation for customers who want to build IVI systems based on the GENIVI standard and now it is one of the first products which are awarded in the GENIVI Compliance 2.0 program. Keep watch for the next version.

In addition to Wind River PFI, Wind River provides world-class professional services. We have more than 100 automotive experts worldwide who concentrate their effort on software integration and customization with a special focus on selected function blocks of the middleware. We can even take full responsibility of function blocks so that customers can integrate these into the selected system hardware. The Wind River team offers a valuable blend of architectural design, expert technical skills, industry-specific knowledge, IP creation, process and project management methodology that can extend the capabilities of any engineering team. Our software integration process is used in several OEM projects and we are known to deliver on time and on budget.


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