Meet Wind River at CES

ABI Research recently stated here that connected home devices are
the “Next Big Thing” in the consumer electronics industry with a global
market value growing by a compound average of 23% annually over the next five
years to more than $10 billion in 2014.

This correlates with

Broadband Forum's claim in their recent whitepaper, where they acknowledge that the global demand for broadband
Internet access is as strong as ever. As I indicated in my earlier blog post, there are several use cases that are leading to this growth of internet traffic and increased broadband need.

In order to meet this consumer demand, operators and Service
providers are challenged to  increase their services along with  increasing subscription. Increasing bandwidth, lowering BOM costs, enhancing performance and a reliable way of ensuring QoS for applications such as  VoIP,  HD video, gaming, and
video chat are some of the top hurdles that need to be resolved for the next generation CPE devices.
an operator standpoint, better infrastructure and support for new applications
and services is needed. All of this while keeping their costs to an optimal level without
requesting subscribers an arm and a leg for service offerings. One of the ways to
keep the cost of deployment down, operators are looking at avenues such as
remote configuration, monitoring and setup of devices which provides the option
for quick device provisioning and also handle support issues remotely.
Additionally, there are use cases within a Machine to Machine (M2M) scenario
where residential devices can be managed remotely with the help of an
intelligent residential gateway.

According to ABI
“Service providers view home networking not only as an avenue to create
consumer loyalty but also as a new revenue-generating cash cow.” Instead of
pure voice or data services, service providers now include content,
applications, networking, and sometimes gaming and even energy management in
their service offerings.

Wind River will discuss all of this and more at CES . If you would like to meet us, please fill out the form here (available at the end of the page).


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