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Planetary Forges

Interesting recent observations have been made by various space probes.  Some that I find interesting from the past few weeks are from Stardust, Opportunity and Spitzer Space Telescope.  These are somewhat related in that they deal with impacts and planetary evolution.  Over about the last 70 years we've learned an incredible amount about the formation of planets.  There are theories…

Quit bugging me: surprise NaN!

You've got a complex system.  There are dozens of tasks, a handful of interrupt routines.  Your system runs fine, for hours or sometimes days on end.  The loading on your system is somewhat "bursty" in that average loading is only about 20% of peak load, and peaks only happen once every hour for less than 5 seconds.  Every once in…

Happy Birthday

Fourty Years Ago, the product was called Multix.  The inventors were directed to stop their efforts and the project was a failure.  Through a chain of decisions they changed the world, created their own company, and released an operating system that's been with us ever since.  Happy Birthday to UNIX, and thank you Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie for developing it.