What’s In Your Robot?

Robots come in all shapes and all sizes, doing everything from assembling cars to vacuuming your floor.   Some are a blur of complex motions while others don't appear to do much of anything at all. There are robots that don't look or act very different from Humans.

In the last 50 years robots have leaped from being fantasy ("Run Will Robinson") to becoming everyday household appliances.  They have been deployed throughout the world – on and under land, in the sea, in the air – and in space.  They have extended the reach of humankind into unlikely territories and enabled fantastic achievements.

The earliest digital computer controlled robots were research projects, assembly line workers, and scientific probes. Today's robots span a wild variety of applications, shapes and sizes. 

Weather industrial in nature, like KuKa's Occubot, or a telerobotic miracle of science (Zeus, Robonaut R2), robots need and advance technology.  If you're working on robotics, you'll probably find this interesting, stop by and watch my presentation:

Robotics Summit Virtual Conference: Enabling Technologies and Design & Development Solutions
December 8, 2010
10:00am-5:00pm EST

To register directly:


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