What else is new in Tilcon Graphics Suite version 5.8?

Although adding OpenGL 3D support was an important part of the recent Tilcon 5.8 update, there's other things to talk about in the new release. It adds other new capabilities such as increased hardware, driver and target OS support, and image rotation capabilities.This is also the first release of the Tilcon Graphics Suite to include source code for customers wanting to tune the Tilcon GUI engine configuration and build.

Tilcon Graphics Suite 5.8 now includes the Wind River Media Library (a.k.a. WindML) which is a graphics and audio framework that provides a high degree of architectural and hardware independence for application code. WindML provides interfaces to (including Tilcon GUI engine) on VxWorks, X.Org, OpenGL (including accelerated 3D support from our partner Presagis) and 2D UGL APIs plus various input devices such as touch screens, pointers and keyboards. WindML provides a common interface for graphics display drivers and acts as the abstraction layer form application to hardware devices. The advantage of this for Tilcon customers is the wide range of available graphics drivers for VxWorks and X.org and the abstraction provided means Tilcon apps don't need modification when switching hardware. Future driver support is simplified due to the WindML abstraction layer and the common driver architecture.

This release reintroduces runtime support for Microsoft Windows CE and XP and continues our support for Wind River Linux and other Linux distributions. Tilcon 5.8 is available for Power Architecture, ARM and Intel Architecture (including Atom) devices. For this release we have introduced support for the following reference platforms:Texas Instruments OMAP 3530, Freescale i.MX 31 Lite and MPC5121e, Portwell Nano, and Intel Navy Pier

Image rotation capabilities are new for version 5.8 and spport 360-degree rotation for raster images using APIs or the Tilcon Interface Design Tool.

Here's another video showing a series of example UIs designed with Tilcon and running on the Tilcon GUI engine:


  1. Chunyan Tao

    Dear sir:
    I meet a trouble recently when I am using tilcon5.5.
    Attributes scroll data onto a chart. Existing data is shifted/scrolled towards one edge as new data is added from the other.
    But can I chose which edge the data should be scrolled towards.I have searched it several days,but did’t find finally,so I hope sir you can help with this little problem.thanks.

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