A Medical Device Platform: Beyond the Operating System

By Bill Graham

Bill GrahamWith the release of the new Wind River Platform for Medical Devices it's a good time to point out the breadth of products and services that make up a modern embedded solution suite. In fact, our medical solutions go well beyond the products that make up the Platform. The Platform for Medical Devices provides the main components: VxWorks RTOS, middleware, networking, development tools and BSPs. The following block diagram shows the highlights of the components in the platform:


For medical devices there are likely requirements for other technologies such graphics, multi-OS and partitioning (via embedded virtualization), embedded Linux, Android, JTAG debugging, testing tools and system simulation. Equally important are the professional services, technical support and long term vendor relationships. Our customers are looking for more than just technology they need the know-how to help them use the products, to assist with regulatory approvals, customization, technical support and training. So, an overall medical device solution is much more than the Platform for Medical Devices alone:


The release of the new Platform for Medical Devices is great news, but it's worth pointing out Wind River's long history of success in the medical market — we bring experience and know-how to the table, plus we have a breadth of solutions to offer the medical device developer. 


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