Poll Results are in…Network Intelligence Heading to Edge and Core

Konish_smBy Steve Konish

If you’re an information junkie like I am, informative charts and polls always catch the eye. Polls are great for capturing an instant snapshot of public opinion on a specific topic. By no means are they scientific. However, they do give us some useful data to gauge whether or not other people share the same opinions we do.

We decided to conduct our own poll related to network intelligence. During a recent Wind River webinar, titled Triple Crown of Network Goes to Software, we took a poll of 200 attendees. If you missed the webinar, not to worry, you can view the archived version. The poll asked the audience where they think network
intelligence is initially most needed.  The
respondents, mostly network equipment providers, gave us these results:

Where do you think Network Intelligence needs to be added in first?
  a) CPE/CLE (Residential and small business )
  b) Access products (Example: Base stations BRAS, DSLAM..)
  c) Edge products (example: Gateways and radio controllers
  d) Core Products (Call Servers, Routers..)
  Other location

For the most part, the results are not surprising – network intelligence and deep
packet inspection functionality are needed in edge and core products. This aligns with the initial interest we are
seeing for our newly announced Wind
River Intelligent Network Platform
.The edge and the core is typically
where we see data plane and control plane functionality consolidating to create
one network element capable of delivery high performance packet processing with
software enabled deep packet inspection – two of the most important elements
for enabling network intelligence. 

What is curious about the poll results is that zero
respondents identified access products as a critical place for network intelligence
right off the bat.  And even more
surprising is the 25% of respondents thinking CPE and Other are the next most
likely places.  If you have an idea of
what “Other” might mean….send us an email (steve.konish@windriver.com).  We
also want to hear from you if you think these results differ from what you are
experiencing in the market today.  

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