Analyze this…Accelerate that…

By Steve Konish


In just three short months, the engineering team at Wind
River has added new, amazing
capabilities to the Wind
River Intelligent Network Platform

These enhancements to the platform allow applications to go even deeper
and faster than ever before.    

When we first launched the platform, it included two data
plane engines for packet acceleration and pattern matching.  The two engines together created an
incredible software-enabled solution to provide high-performance deep packet
inspection (DPI) for network applications. We’ve now added a third data plane engine, the Flow Analysis Engine
(FAE), which allows applications to incorporate even greater network
intelligence.  The Flow Analysis Engine
offers complete visibility into network traffic in real time, including flow
classification, protocol and application identification, and metadata extraction.


With the addition of the Flow Analysis Engine, Wind River
Intelligent Network Platform delivers the most comprehensive and integrated DPI
solution on the market today.  Imagine
being able to use one platform to consolidate management and data plane
applications and also have the ability to accelerate, analyze, and secure
network applications that help you deliver even greater value to your

But wait…it gets better. We’ve added some very cool innovations to the platform that allows for
the transparent acceleration of Linux-based applications.  This means any existing application can leverage
the fast path within the Application Acceleration Engine without having to
modify a single line of code.  That’s
right, unmodified applications can be accelerated up to 300% faster.  This capability is so extraordinary we had to
patent it. Or, if you make the extra effort to also port and optimize your
application for the platform, you can achieve even greater performance…up to
500% faster.

Want to see the Wind River Intelligent Network Platform in
action?  We’ll be showcasing the platform
at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain and at the RSA Conference in San
Francisco.  Let
me know
if you’re planning to attend one these events and either myself or
one of product experts will personally give you a tour of the platform.   

 For additional information from Wind River, visit us on Facebook.

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