Reliability….the key constant in network transformation

By Jessica Schieve 

Schieve_lgWind River recently conducted a webinar on the topic of
network transformation and the growing trend around building greater
intelligence.   The webinar discussed the
results of a survey we commissioned through Light Reading exploring the
different facets of network intelligence: packet acceleration, content
inspection, flow analysis and traffic shaping, and network virtualization.  It was one of our highest attended events in
recent months.  An archived version of
the webinar can be heard here.

The webinar highlighted three significant results from the
survey 1) advancements in multicore technology are making network
transformation and network intelligence possible 2) the time is right for software
to pave the way for higher network performance, greater security, and new
services that take advantage of network intelligence, and 3) the majority of network
equipment providers want a common software platform that can be used for
multiple products. 

During the webinar we polled the audience on what they
consider their greatest challenge in adopting a software-enabled network
intelligent strategy.   Here are the
results of the poll:

Poll_CG (2)

Overwhelmingly, maintaining carrier grade metrics was
identified as the biggest challenge.   We
were actually somewhat surprised with the response.  Often times, carrier grade reliability is
taken for granted.  It has been table
stakes for so long; most of us just expect it to be there.  However, things have gotten much more
complex.  Designing for performance,
adding in network intelligence through deep packet inspection, and creating new
applications that deliver higher value services all bring a new set of
technical challenges.  Network
transformation promises a world of new opportunities, but as our audience
indicated, carrier grade reliability remains a constant – it must not be

The good news is that Wind River has a legacy of providing
the industry with a carrier grade software platform from which to build.  Wind River Linux is a proven carrier grade runtime solution deployed in network elements located
in the access, edge, and core.  And even
better, it includes the Intel Data Plane Development Kit, fully integrated and
optimized.   With a solid carrier grade
foundation, network application developers can focus on the application
innovation needed to survive and succeed in through the transform the network.

For additional information from Wind River, visit us on Facebook.

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