Guest Blog: Qt Commercial 4.8.3 Released with Official Support for VxWorks

By Tuukka Turunen, Digia

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This week, together with the Qt Project, Digia released version 4.8.3 of Qt Commercial. Developed together with Wind River, it now includes official support for VxWorks, Wind River's leading real-time operating system found in about one billion devices spanning a wide range of industries — and can also be found in outer space!

Qt is an excellent tool to create interactive and dynamic user interfaces for VxWorks and the combination of an officially supported platform for commercial Qt licensees is a big step in the evolution of the product. Many of the improvements are also made available to open-source Qt users, though VxWorks itself is not available under an open-source license.

Qt runs seamlessly with VxWorks on a large variety of hardware, including embedded ARM and x86 processors. Both DKM and RTP modes are supported allowing the leverage of a wide array of different Qt functionality including OpenGL accelerated graphics, Qt Quick and WebKit to name a few examples. Naturally, the basic Qt modules are also well supported for ease of programming and portability.

More information and a video can be found from our earlier blog post on VxWorks.

In addition to VxWorks support, highlights of 4.8.3 include changes to better support Mac OS X 10.8 and QNX, as well as new WebKit (2.2.3). We have also made significant improvements to many modules, including QtCore, QtGui and QtNetwork.

As part of the Qt Project, Digia has also packaged and tested the open-source version of Qt 4.8.3, which feeds from the Qt Project 4.8 branch. We will keep providing patch releases to 4.8 as long as needed, we currently anticipate at least two more patch level releases. Qt 5 provides high compatibility with Qt 4 and we recommend all Qt users to migrate their active projects to Qt 5.0.0 when the final version release is available.

Qt 4.8.3 is now available as an update for all commercial SDK and stand-alone installer users via the Qt Commercial Customer portal. If you are not yet using the Qt Commercial SDK, you can try it out and get the SDK installer from the Qt Commercial Customer Portal. We also have tagged the Qt 4.8.3 release to the Qt Project repository.

Digia is very excited about this development and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with Wind River!

Tuukka Turunen is director of R&D at Digia, Qt Commercial and is responsible for the planning, creation, verification and delivery of Qt Commercial.

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