Advanced technology

It is good to see that even with the current Financial Meltdown we continue to see funding for advanced technology and systems making slow but sure progress through the design life-cycle.

Some examples have made the news in the last few weeks that I thought worth mentioning.

The first is the increased use of MAV and in particular the fact that MAV are being used already in IRAQ.

Size2army_mil20080923162843_2Another FCS item that I saw was the Army firing its first round from a NLOS-C mounted on an FCS chassis.

Photo by U.S. Army

Finally, NASA, looking way ahead announced several research projects for "N+3" aircraft – in other words three generations ahead for flight in the 2030 time frame. I especially like the Thunderbird-like artists impression of the future supersonic aircraft!

I can only hope that the current funds being poured into the failing financial system does not pull too much from the aerospace research budgets as we need to fund these if the industry is going to be sustainable!

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