Trade Shows in Aerospace and Defence

I visited Embedded World in Nueremberg last week and was pretty stunned at the size of the show – it reminded me of the old embedded shows we used to have at Olympia, which have pretty much died out in the UK.

My primary reason for attending was to network with some of our partners who would not be able to make it to Avionics 09 this week in Amsterdam. We will be attending this years show with special interest to see how the industry is coping with the current economic climate.

Of special interest is that of commercial aviation which has already seen a decline, especially in the business aviation sector, but also long delays on the military side as well, such as A400M.

PennWell took over the show this year and we hope to see improved numbers attending, plus they are taking the show over to the US in June, which I will unfortunately miss as it is my birthday!

Do you still attend trade shows and which ones do you find most successful?

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