High Assurance Systems Development Using the MILS Architecture

By Paul Parkinson

Paul ParkinsonWhen I'm discussing VxWorks MILS with Wind River customers, I often find that in addition to wanting hear about the capabilities and features of the platform, they are also interested in the rationale for the MILS architecture and the implementation approach for the VxWorks MILS separation kernel.

So, I've recently written a technical white paper "High Assurance Systems Development using the MILS Architecture" with my colleague Arlen Baker. This provides a technical deep-dive on the implementation approach taken for the VxWorks MILS separation kernel, and discusses how MILS technologies can be used to develop sophisticated Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) and Multi-Level Secure (MLS) systems, such as MILS-based gateways.

MILS technical whitepaper

This MILS technical white paper is now available in PDF for download from the Wind River website (registration required). I hope you find it interesting and informative, and I look forward to receiving feedback.