Wind River Expertise Recognized with GENIVI Award

By Franz Walkembach

Walkembach_2The Automotive group at Wind River is quite
an impressive team…Consider this: hundreds of engineers and decades of
successfully completed projects have helped Wind River carefully foster the
development in this industry. We not only created trusted connections with
customers and partners, but we’ve also stayed ahead of key trends, riding a
wave of open source innovation right as it started to build momentum. Fast
forward to today…our ongoing efforts to advance the automotive industry has reached
another great achievement – Wind River has received the Most Valuable
Contributor Award from the GENIVI Alliance

A path to GENIVI

Wind River has long been one of the most active members
in the GENIVI Alliance. We were among the first to join the alliance, and we’ve contributed
to the project since. We have members sitting on the board of
directors, teams involved in expert groups such as the Baseline Integration
Team (BIT) and the System Infrastructure Expert Group, and we are also taking
part in numerous joint marketing

Highlighted as a Silver sponsor at the last GENIVI All
Members Meeting in Barcelona, we made the best of the whole experience,
receiving excellent feed-back during our demos and customer meetings.

The alliance is an ideal environment for technology
development and building meaningful relations with the relevant industry
players. Thanks to the hard working Wind River team, we became among the first to
provide offerings that were GENIVI 3.0 compliant. We’ve continued to make the
most out of our appearances at GENIVI All Member Meetings and reach out to some
of the most important automotive OEMs and Tier 1 companies worldwide. As
automotive trends evolve, Wind River will continue to rise to meet the needs of
customers at every step and beyond.

The road ahead

Let’s consider
some recent GENIVI milestones and activities:

  • Our
    Wind River Platform for Infotainment (PFI) follows the GENIVI compliance program closely to ensure compliance at
    each step, with major versions of PFI in sync with the 6 month release cycle of
    the GENIVI Alliance.
  • Wind River is aligned with GENIVI and the Yocto
    Project for automotive IVI, in key roles right at the crossroads of the two
    groups. Our engagement in the GENIVI BIT team serves us well with respect to
    the Yocto Project and our Wind River PFI. The latest version of Wind River PFI is
    derived from the Yocto
    GENIVI Baseline – Discovery release,
    which consists of two layers of the Yocto Project.
    Wind River is committed to advancing open source and supporting the Yocto
    Project, in fact, Wind River Linux is also based on Yocto Project open source
    development infrastructure.
  • The “Works with GENIVI” (WwG) program is for
    GENIVI members who produce either commercial or open source software that works
    with IVI platforms. Our Wind River Connectivity Solution Accelerator, software
    that allows IVI systems to view and play content from iOS devices such as
    iPhones and iPads, is  listed and will be
    one of the first WwG products.
  • We
    are committed to GENIVI and will continue our active contributions to GENIVI
    Expert Groups and through active participation in events and meetings.

As you can see, our impact to GENIVI is very concrete,
very real. We find it quite interesting and stimulating to work with innovative
people, developing compliant base code and advancing open source for the
automotive industry. GENIVI’s Most Valuable Contributor Award is definitely a
great recognition for these efforts.

Once more,a big thanks to the team for being so keen and
hard working. Given the challenging demands of the auto industry, it really
takes an innovative group of folks to achieve success! Many more exciting
developments are still to come, so stay in touch!

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