Hi Mom, I’m home from Mars.

Scientists find evidence of ice on Mars.

Not just "ice".  We all know there’s ice on Mars, seasonal ice caps and all.
Ice.  "Enough to create oceans" should it ever melt.   And not just in one concentrated spot.

This is pretty incredible news.  This isn’t a prediction, but keep in mind, everywhere we’ve found water on "our" planet, we’ve found something living in it.  Compelling reason to look at the Ice. 

And beyond any biological implications, it’s great news for current and future missions, especially any possible "return" missions.  It takes just a little electricity to turn ice into water, and water into hydrogen and oxygen – perfect rocket fuel.  The MER rovers run entirely on solar panels.  Solar power plus Ice means better odds of refining return-trip rocket fuel.  Another compelling reason to look at the Ice…

Phoenix is getting set to visit Mars, it’s mission is… to study ice.  Mapping where the Ice is will help determine where we should send Phoenix.  Phoenix is running vxWorks for Rad6000. 

Look around you – one of today’s teens might grow up to be the person who turns the science-fiction of coming home from visiting other planets into science-fact.  The odds just got better.