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Iterative Hardware-Software Interface Design

Making good design decisions is hard, making bad decisions is easy. The best way to avoid really bad design is to actually work through how a certain design works in practice. One of my favorite examples is how Jeff Hawkins walked around with a mockup of the original Palm Pilot to tests its real feel through daily "use". 42

Sometimes, You Have to Cheat

In a virtual platform world, cheating is sometimes a good thing. One man's cheat is another man's optimization. 43

Debug, multicore, and more debug

I recently gave a talk at an industry-academia collaboration called ICES, Innovative Center for Embedded Systems, at KTH in Kista, Stockholm, Sweden. The theme was embedded multicore, and I realized that my role at these events seems to have changed. A few years ago, I would be the "embedded guy", defending the collective of embedded systems against speakers assuming that…