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Simics 4.6 Initial Impressions

Simics 4.6 is now out, and I would like to share some of my initial impressions of the new Simics version. 34

Teaching Operating Systems with Simics: An Interview with Massimo Violante

  Wind River Simics has been used in teaching for as long as I have been aware of Simics. Indeed, my first contact with Simics was when it was used in a graduate computer architecture course at Uppsala University in Sweden. In that course, we modeled cache hierarchies and replacement strategies with Simics and measured the performance results. A few…

Twenty, Thirty, and Sixty Years Ago

In 2011, we mark several anniversaries here at Wind River and in the world of virtual platforms.  First of all, it is 30 years since Wind River was founded, in 1981.  Ten years later, in 1991, the first code of what would become Simics was written by Peter S Magnusson at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science.  Thus, Simics turns…