VxWorks flying high at Avionics Europe

Wr_aerospace_flat Today at the Avionics Europe conference in Amsterdam, Wind River has announced some interesting news  that highlights our success in avionics with the VxWorks product line. We announced a major update to our VxWorks 653 platform which I'll go into more detail in an upcoming post but the highlights include support for Intel Architecture and Power Architecture e600 support, new power-safe file systems support and additional protocols in the networking stack. VxWorks 653 complies with the ARINC 653 specification and is safety certifiable to DO-178B level A.

Our VxWorks 653 platform has been doing really well in the market and I think the key reason for this is that it is a compelling, commercial off the shelf (COTS)  solution for Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) that provides more than just an ARINC 653 scheduler. By this I mean there is a comprehensive set of OS, tools, BSPs, comprehensive certification evidence and services to support the product development. Our recent success with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner program is a case in point. The success of leveraging VxWorks 653 in the cockpit IMA solution saved significant time and effort during development, testing and certification.

Of equal importance with this release is the support from two very strong partners in the aerospace and defense market, GE Intelligent Platforms and Curtiss Wright Controls. In this new release of VxWorks 653, we are providing BSPs for two key COTS boards; from GE Intelligent Platforms, the V7768 board based on an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. From Curtiss-Wright Controls we are providing a BSP for the VPX6-185 which is based on the Power Architecture e600 core (a Freescale 8641D). BSPs for COTS boards are a key project accelerator for customers – they can pick pre-integrated COTS hardware and software and have a head start with a runtime and tools platform that's ready to go, literally out of the box.

Validating integrations is an important aspect of working with our partners and creating a seamless solutions for our customers. We also announced our partner validation program at Avionics Europe this week. This program provides our partners the ability to build and verify their own integrations with Wind River solutions. This program effectively increases the number of companies and people working on joint integrated solutions. Wind River will, of course, ensure quality is maintained but the benefit to the customer is more choice than ever for COTS solutions in the aerospace and defense market.

In keeping with this news I should also mention that we also recently updated our VxWorks DO-178B platform in January. This platform offers a certifiable safety critical platform based on the VxWorks OS more suited to federated (physically separate units) avionics systems.