Available Now: Wind River Developer Community for Linux!

By Kay Stanley

Kay_lg Check this site out! http://developer.windriver.com

Our initiative to create a resource for our Linux users to connect with others is now a reality! This project focuses on encouraging interactions between Wind River users, Wind River engineers, and embedded Linux community experts. The Wind River Developer Community for Linux provides a platform for exchanging ideas, news, technical information, best practices, and how to maximize the use of Wind River Linux and embedded Linux. We took some extra time to put on some final touches and think it's worth the wait!

It is my role as your community manager to facilitate bringing together community insights and tips for all sizes of companies and all types of users. We are planning to spotlight Wind River Linux resources, open source ideas, community experts and customers. Visit our site, look through the beginnings of this community and when you're there, please register and participate if you have anything to add to the discussions or comments. It's intended to be a place to connect with others, show your knowledge, assist others, ask for ideas and help, and provide you an opportunity to become recognized by your community.

Don't be shy, join us on our community launch!

Kay Stanley is the Community Manager in charge of the Wind River Developer Network. As such, she oversees the communities, providing a forum for Wind River customers and users to share, collaborate and assist others. She has been in the software industry for over 15 years, including work in several operating systems using embedded, open source, and relational database management systems, where she specialized in technical support, product release and user group/community design initiatives.