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Papers, Expos and Road Shows

Spring is always a busy time from a marketing perspective. Now, I live in Ottawa, and spring is certainly not here yet, snow and ice is still on the ground and there are certainly a few storms in our future. Still, marketing-wise there is a lot of preparation on-going, read on for more details. Firstly there is a new whitepaper,…

Multicore Is Closer Than You Think

People are no longer surprised to see a multicore processor in a laptop. In fact, some quad core laptops have already been announced.How about your trusted cell/smart phone then? Many of the models there already have multiple processors. For example an ARM processor for applications, a DSP for baseband and a voice and video accelerator for the multi-media experience. 56

Sequential versus Parallel

One of the questions I have been wrestling with is how to best demonstrate capabilities related to multicore and virtualization. Demonstrations involving booting, restarting a core, quickly reconfiguring virtual board layout, performance and so forth are all very important, but demonstrating them is rather dull. There is no fireworks, nothing that grabs attention with a Zang. It gets better of…