Blog Article: Boundaries are disappearing

Ok, so I got a little bit of flak verbally, through email and Skype for unilaterally declaring 2010 the year of embedded virtualization. People seem to agree though, it is a hot technology, and a technology that can change the way that we develop embedded systems.

This post by George Zimmerman talks about how integration of technologies leads to inflection points in the adoption of new technology. And how the 'boundaries between computing devices are disappearing … because of a combination of processing power, including multiple cores, virtualization, and network connectivity'.

These are all topics at the front of the minds of the customers I talk to, whether they build the devices that power the network or whether they build devices that connect to the network. From the place I sit I see a lot of excitement about new capabilities for existing devices. I think this excitement will lead into new development projects this year and devices in the market a while after that.