ESC Silicon Valley

Looking forward to my trip to ESC Sillicon Valley next week. It is promising to be a busy show, especially since ESC is now combined with the Multicore expo. I just leafed through the agenda (in the form of a Nxtbook) and found a large number of sessions that I want to attend, experience show though that I'll probably be too busy talking to customer to attend sessions, which is a good problem to have of course.

I am hosting a 4 hour session (with several of my colleagues) on Multicore Demystified on Tuesday afternoon 2.30-7pm (there will be refresments!) in the Hilton Plaza Room. Do stop by either the session, or our booth at Multicore Expo for a chat if you want to brain storm about your next generation devices.

And brainstorm is what the 'Multicore Demystified' session is going to be about, it will be a walk through the different technologies available for people that are looking to make the jump to multicore. I expect this to be a very interactive session.

The session starts by setting context and terminology with regards to multicore and virtualization. What do these terms mean and what can you do with the technologies and why do customers use them.

Second I will dive into the various combinations of configurations (SMP, AMP, virtualization, …) that you can establish with multicore and virtualization. This typically gets people excited about the things they could do. Of course, we need to qualify that a little bit, so we'll dive into some rationale to help you understand the benefits of the various scenarios.

We are of course talking real-time and embedded, so one of my colleague will start a discussion as to what you can expect from a real-time operating system with regards to determinism and performance on multicore processors.

We will tie up this first section of the presentation with a number of real customer use cases, what devices are people building with virtualization and multicore today and how are they building them.

Networking is of course an industry that has been using multicore for a while and Wind River has been a trusted provided of solutions to the networking industry. We will dive into how to use multicore in the networking industry to get the most amount of performance out of your cores and network cards.

Lastly, to tie it all together, we focus on developing for multicore. We first focus on Simics, which provides Virtualized Software Development, the ability to simulate entire hardware platforms on your development machine. From there we go into tooling, which takes on a more crucial role if you are running multiple operating systems. Finally we take a look at testing, how can you make sure you spend your limited testing resources wisely and get the most 'bang for your buck'.

It'll be a long session because there is much technology to cover, but I promise that it will be worth your time.