Leaders and Followers

Events such as ESC in San Jose this week are a great way to talk to a lot of customers in a very short timespan. Hence, a great place to be for a product manager like myself. The conversations show a clear difference between leaders in multicore adoption and followers of that adoption.

The discussions with the followers typically start of a bit timid. They are often afraid of multicore and see it as a necessary evil. After a while, they warm up and they start to see that the migration does not need to be very complicated, yes, it is work, but work that can be managed and controlled. The conversation then quickly turns to basic technology as they try to understand how they can use multicore to improve their next generation of devices, which then leads to a discussion on how this helps to deliver business benefit. In a few minutes the discussion comes full circle and usually people start to appreciate what multicore and virtualization can do for them. Depending on how big the business opportunity is, the followers actually can turn into leaders.

The discussions with the leaders start a lot quicker. Here the discussion is not about initial adoption of multicore, they have that all figured out, it is about how multicore can make them more competitive. The discussion is about how to make their next series of devices better. Better here means optimization, for example through Network Acceleration, or improving reliability through failover, better scalability for the future or additional feature content for their devices. These conversations are quite revealing and there is always a thing or two that I learn from these discussions (and the customer as well of course).

This week has been full of both types of discussions, from the well-attended 4 hour seminar on Tuesday, to hallway conversations as well as conversations in our exhibit booth.

One more day at ESC tomorrow, do stop by for a chat if you are around and are wondering about how multicore can help you improve your devices.

Full House at the Wind River Seminar
Full House at the Wind River Seminar