What a month!

I have been back in Ottawa now for just over a week after my 5 week trip through Europe and am working through my notes from the past month. And what a month it has been, in an earlier post I jokingly declared 2010 the year of embedded virtualization and this is certainly ringing true.

An overview of the activities of last month will present a decent picture of the status of embedded virtualization and the interest.

We did events with a great turn out in Paris, Eindhoven and Helsinki. It always strikes me how interactive these workshops tend to become. Even in countries where English is not the first language the discussions, questions and brainstorming makes these events entertaining for the audience (which is the most important), but also for me :).

I managed to meet with customers one-on-one in the automotive, industrial, telecom and aerospace and defence markets. This list of industries once more confirms that virtualization is everywhere: across industries, across processor architectures and on single as well as low and high core count multicore.

Customers are using and planning to use multicore and virtualization in different ways: to build new and exciting new devices as well as to deliver new functionality, greater performance or lower cost to the end user.

The most entertaining meeting for me was with a customer in The Netherlands. There were about 16 people in the room of various groups within this company that all build software varying from truly hard real-time software to more soft real-time high performance computing type of software. I had barely presented 2 slides when a discussion within the group broke out on how they could use virtualization. This discussion then led to questions and the questions led me through the rest of my content instead of the other way around. A very interesting and energetic meeting.

As busy as the past month was with visits, the next months are going to be even busier. Exciting times indeed.