On-Chip Debugging

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Embedded Virtualization and Multi-Core

 VDC has released another report showing that multi-core is making fast inroads in embedded systems and we are seeing that at Wind River as well. There are exciting new possibilities with these chips, we have never had this much processing power in such small packages. 10

ESC Silicon Valley

Looking forward to my trip to ESC Sillicon Valley next week. It is promising to be a busy show, especially since ESC is now combined with the Multicore expo. I just leafed through the agenda (in the form of a Nxtbook) and found a large number of sessions that I want to attend, experience show though that I'll probably be…

Integrated Hardware, Software and Lasagna

The fact that almost everybody in North America is either packing for the holidays, or has already left gives me a chance to finally write about an exchange I had with a customer a while ago.We were discussing how the hardware side of embedded software development had changed over the past years. Where in 'the olden days', things would start…

Article: Multi-Core Slow Down

An interesting article by Dan Woods on Multi-core slowdown. The article tries to temper people's expectations with regards to multicore. The basic argument goes: A multicore processor has more raw processing power, but it requires the software load that runs on top of that processor to be able to use those cores, if not, the software could run at the…