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Embedded Virtualization and Multi-Core

 VDC has released another report showing that multi-core is making fast inroads in embedded systems and we are seeing that at Wind River as well. There are exciting new possibilities with these chips, we have never had this much processing power in such small packages. 10

What a month!

I have been back in Ottawa now for just over a week after my 5 week trip through Europe and am working through my notes from the past month. And what a month it has been, in an earlier post I jokingly declared 2010 the year of embedded virtualization and this is certainly ringing true. 18

Article: Multi-Core Slow Down

An interesting article by Dan Woods on Multi-core slowdown. The article tries to temper people's expectations with regards to multicore. The basic argument goes: A multicore processor has more raw processing power, but it requires the software load that runs on top of that processor to be able to use those cores, if not, the software could run at the…

Paper: Multicore and Multi-OS

Travel has it's disadvantages (30 hours door to door Ottawa to Singapore in an old United 747 for example). But it also has it's advantages: here I find myself at the airport with free wireless and a couple of hours to kill. I should really go through my inbox, but scanning the web for interesting papers and blog articles is…

Three Flavours of Virtualization

Here is a great article on the Intel Tools and Software Blog on the three flavours of virtualization: Binary translation, para virtualization and hardware assist. Sharon covers all three flavours briefly, but well balanced. The message boils down to: you decide, which is consistent with many conversations I have every day with customers. It is Wind River's tasks to provide you…