SPS/IPC/Drives, Security and Safety

By Alexander Damisch

Damisch PhotoThe annual SPS/IPC/Drives event was held in Nuremberg last week, this event brings together the global leaders in automation space, including Bachmann, KW Software, ABB, Siemens, Rockwell, Yaskawa and Schneider Electric to name a few! Some key themes emanating at the event included: innovation, energy efficiency, machine-to-machine, security and safety.

Wind River made several exciting announcements at this year’s faire. On day one of the event, we announced a strategic partnership with ISaGRAF, headquartered in Canada and part of the Rockwell Automation Company, a global leading automation software partner. Together, Wind River and ISaGRAF are offering the only modular safety solution providing the full IEC 61131-3 languages, with a 10+ year long history in SIL3 certifications. This partnership will provide customers with a high-end safety offering from two industry leaders that reduces time to market and revenue with a collaboration that removes many of the usual risks that can occur when bringing a safety solution to the market.

In addition, we announced a partnership with Wurldtech, a leading provider of cyber-security testing and certification solutions for critical industries, such as process automation, power and energy, oil and gas, and transportation. Wurldtech’s Achilles certification directly addresses cyber-security at a time when accessible, affordable, high-speed connectivity has created increased vulnerability to malicious cyber-attacks and Wind River is the first operating system vendor to be designated a Wurldtech Achilles Communications Certification. Through this collaboration, Wind River is able to act as a Wurldtech Achilles Communications Certification partner, testing and certifying the complete customer-deployed system as customers build mission-critical systems on top of its Achilles-certified VxWorks platform.

On day two, we continued our announcements with news that Comau Robotics, one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of high quality industrial robots, is running Wind River’s VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS) for its C5G system, the latest generation of its Robot Control Unit. The unit runs peripherals control software, application software and real-time functions on an advanced multi-core architecture. VxWorks delivered the levels of performance, reliability, safety, and security required for this next-generation unit.

As you can see, security and safety are the driving forces behind these announcements. Security and safety issues will continue to face the automation space. Wind River, along with its strategic partners, is able to continue to face security and safety challenges head on. I had the chance to interview several partners and customers while at the show. In my next blog, I’ll share feedback on how industry leaders are preparing for the changing landscape of the automation market.        


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