All Eyes on IDF 2010

Kmc_lgIt’s Fall once again which means one thing – it’s time for the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. 

In many recent years at IDF we have seen many new technologies revealed such as RF ID tags, small form factor computing boards, leading edge silicon manufacturing processes, smart home technologies, intelligent in-vehicle technologies, and predictions beyond Moore’s Law utilizing more than a single CPU core with a lot of new talk around 64-bit computing.

Heading into this year’s Fall Intel IDF we will be looking for answers to exciting new industry trends from the very latest in silicon fabrication processes, next generation optical driven computing, low power and green computing capabilities, and of course what is the magic key that unlocks the strategic power of cloud computing.

Optical computing using Intel’s first silicon-based optical data connection with integrated lasers using hybrid silicon laser technology takes computing to a new level which can move data at 50 billion bits per second (50Gbps) – with this new compute capability computer makers will have to completely rethink traditional system designs from tablets to supercomputers and server farms utilized for storage and emerging cloud computing usage profiles.

Speaking of Cloud Computing (which is getting a lot of press lately) is a way to quickly add new computing capability and reduce costs. We look forward to hearing more about Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Services (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and how new emerging Machine-to-Machine capabilities are being developed for the next generation for new computing platforms.

We also expect to hear about Intel’s direction around recent acquisitions of McAfee and Infineon along with how they plan on leveraging low power Atom processors in the new emerging market of the must have gizmo, the tablet computer and next generation smart phones running nifty new software. Stay tuned as we will provide our key observations and trends after this years Intel IDF forum.

Kevin Curry is a business development industry executive bringing more than 20 years of experience including product management, product marketing, sales and developing strategic partnerships for leading Fortune 500 technology companies. Extensive experience with semiconductors, personal computing, wireless carriers and mobile computing industries, having held key strategic business development and marketing positions within startup companies, Wind River, Intel, IBM, Motorola, Emerson and GTE.