Sep 26, 2014 Books

"Software and System Development Using Virtual Platforms" Has Published - Enjoy Chapter 1 Now!

By Jakob Engblom


The book Software and System Development Using Virtual Platforms that I and Daniel Aarno have been working on for a year is now in print and ready for shipping. It’s available at the Elsevier store, as well as at other major online book sellers. As we have already described, the book is our attempt to capture what we have learned over the past ten years about building simulators for computers and computer-based embedded systems. To give you a taste for what the book is like, we are happy to offer Chapter 1 in its entirety to you now.

Chapter 1 provides an overview of virtual platforms and how they fit with the system and software development lifecycle. The other nine chapters of the book are more technical, and will successively dig into ever more detailed discussions.

The chapter titles are as follows:

  • Introduction (Chapter  1, see below to read it now)
  • Simics fundamental
  • Develop and debug software on Simics
  • System configuration in Simics
  • Networking
  • Building virtual platforms
  • DMA: A concrete modeling example
  • Simulator extensions
  • Simulator integration
  • Intel architecture bring-up

The book contents progress from the big picture in the first chapter, to how Simics works, to how you use it, and then into how you build simulations using Simics. The last chapter provides a real-world scenario showing how Simics is used at Intel to bring up new Intel platforms and architectures, building on many of the features of Simics discussed in the previous chapters. Despite us using Simics as the example simulator throughout, the information and design patterns in the book apply to other types of virtual platforms. It is about simulation in general, using Simics as the example system, and not just about Simics.

For a peek at Chapter 1, just click on the image below to download a PDF.

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