Why Integrity Customers Get Free Support from Wind River

Previously, our CMO John Bruggeman blogged about the importance of Service and Support for Linux. He called it the killer app for Linux.

We recently announced our new VxWorks and Wind River Linux platforms, which integrate the Wind River Advanced Networking Technologies. This technology portfolio is a best-of-breed combination of technologies developed by Wind River and those acquired from Interpeak.  That is great news for VxWorks and Wind River Linux customers, but what about Interpeak customers using Integrity?

Well, it turns out Service and Support is the killer app for these customers as well. We went through great lengths to negotiate agreements that assure Integrity customers continue to receive service through their current channels. But we also beefed up our support programs to assure we could support customers directly when they came to us. In fact, our support teams stepped up with an offer of an additional 3 months of free service for Integrity customers who buy the Standard Support Service.

Why is that? Because, in our experience, customers are most comfortable getting support from the developers of the product. These customers can get direct support from the team who built the network stack from scratch. Also, this is OS agnostic technology, so if customers wish to migrate to Linux (or VxWorks for that matter) we have an integrated solution for them.

While in this release we are focusing on the middleware layer for both operating systems, we can’t forget about everything else that goes along with our platforms. Because in some cases, a little bit of killer app goes a long way.