VxWorks helping to bring LTE Down Under

By Bill Graham

Graham_lg Wireless-tower Our customer, Huawei, recently announced they have been chosen to deploy Australia's first LTE network. This is great news because Huawei's LTE base stations are built using VxWorks – the VxWorks Platform for Networking Equipment to be exact. It's also great news because we are starting to see the fruits of our customers' efforts come to reality and it stands as a validation of our investment in next generation networks. Moreover, this is the latest in a set of successes we've had with VxWorks in the networking space.

In particular the technology investments we've made such as mobile IP, multicore and packet processing offload acceleration. What is also encouraging is that Huawei is standardizing on our solutions across product lines sich as core network, GSM, optical and access products. In fact, we did a nice customer success story on this recently.

So, what role does Wind River play in the next generation of LTE devices? Our multicore and virtualization technology is allowing network manufacturers to leverage the new horsepower available from 4,8, 16 and even 32 core processors. Our advanced networking technology (ANT) provides support for offload acceleration such as packet forwarding, deep packet inspection and encryption. Our mobile IP support is providing off-the-shelf protocol support needed for LTE and WiMAX networks. Along with our tools and services, we are providing a powerful platform that networking infrastructure companies need to handle the huge data rates required for next generation networks.