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Virtualization on Handsets or not?

By Mark Hermeling Here is an interesting article, continuing a discussion thats has been going on for a long time on mobile virtualization. It argues the case that a single mobile phone can run multiple operating systems using virtualization. A bit of googling will show that this is indeed already the case. However, there is a big caveat typically that…

Hypervisors in Mobile

By Mark Hermeling I received a bunch of emails today pointing to this blog from Jason Perlow. Jason has an interesting thought with regards to the Apple and HTC lawsuit that is brewing. Let me first say that I understand that companies have to protect their IP and that there are clearly important and enforceable patents out there, say Coca…

2010 Is The Year Of Embedded Virtualization

By Mark Hermeling I believe that 2010 will be the year of embedded virtualization, all the signs point in the right direction. It always takes a while for new technology to grab the imagination of embedded device developers. Embedded developers are traditionally a conservative bunch, however, the benefits of virtualization can not be ignored, even by them. 42

Multicore and Unicore Virtualization

By Mark Hermeling Sometimes I get a chance to browse the web a bit, trying to find interesting tidbits. I ran into the following post from Hollis Blanchard. Hollis is an active participant in the world of virtualization, particularly on the Power architecture. Hollis makes a point that I have been trying to get out as well: virtualization is clearly technology…