Just minutes to a faster, smarter and more secure network

By Stephen Konish


A few minutes…and you’re on the fast path to building the next
generation of faster, smarter and more secure network applications. Three minutes – that’s all it typically takes
to install key components of the new Wind
River Intelligent Network Platform

So, let’s take the next few minutes to look at  an evolution taking place for our networking
and communications customers and Wind River’s software solutions for this
market.  Tens of billions of connected
devices continue to generate massive amounts of traffic and security threats
are on the rise. In order to better manage the flood of traffic and handle
these threats, greater network intelligence and security (without sacrificing high
performance) is needed. On top of that, network products need to be scalable to
handle future growth. Wind River is rising to meet these challenges and this evolution
starts with the newly
launched Wind River Intelligent Network Platform
.  It is an integrated and optimized embedded software
platform consisting of the critical runtime components needed to build high-performance
intelligent network products.  So, what
does that mean for the customer?

  • Incredible network protocol and application acceleration
    performance – up to 1100% improvement in
    IP-forwarding, and up to a 500% improvement in throughput for UDP and
    performance boost for TCP.
  • Virtually limitless value-add intelligence opportunity with software-enabled
    deep packet inspection functionality
  • Huge time to market advantage with years of engineering investment
    already done for you – (did I mention the three minute installation?)

And it gets even better. Wind River Intelligent Network Platform
is designed to give customers maximum scalability and flexibility to build more
advanced network elements across
product lines and across the infrastructure. The platform takes full advantage
of the latest multicore processors from Intel allowing for the consolidation of
management and data plane into one system. The platform serves as the
foundation for a number of evolving network applications such as: secure
clouds, VPNs, intelligent edge servers, and the list goes on.

Now, are you ready  to learn more about the Wind River Intelligent
Network Platform?  I’ll be taking a deep
dive look into the different functional components of the platform in an
upcoming webinar.
In the meantime, check out additional product
details here
. We’re eager to help customers get a jump on the changing


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