Wind River Named “Transformational”

By Ido Sarig

Ido-headshot Voke, Inc. has just released  its annual "Market Mover Array Report on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)", and we’re very pleased to see that Wind River’s Device Lifecycle Management solutions were favorably reviewed, and ranked as  “Transformational” – the highest category, reserved for vendors that are changing the tone and direction of the market! 

Theresa Lanowitz  is a long-time subject matter expert (also named one of the world’s most influential bloggers in virtualization technologies), and has been following the application development and testing market for many years, dating back to her days with Gartner, where she practically invented the “Application Quality Ecosysytem” field.  So it means a lot to us to be featured as a leader in her most recent research.

Voke Inc.’s report covers Wind River’s lifecycle solution, including Workbench, Simics and On-Chip Debugging, but focuses in particular on the important role testing plays during the device development lifecycle. It describes how Wind River Test Management is used in multiple phases of the lifecycle – for BSP validation testing during system bring up, for integration and systems testing during the integration phase, and even post deployment, for regression testing and validating issues that surface in the field. Overall, it is a thorough review of our solutions and quite an interesting and informative read.

This is not the first time that Wind River has received such accolades. Previously, Voke, Inc.   named  Wind River an “innovator" in its '2009 voke Innovators: Recognizing Innovation in the Application Lifecycle Market' report, and we continue to invest heavily in R&D, to ensure that our innovation continues to keep us ahead of the pack. It’s nice to be recognized!