• December 19, 2011
  • Linux

Introducing Performance Studio

By Emeka Nwafor


What is Performance Studio? Is it:

1. Some kind of hair product

2. A new "clinic" for MLB players

3. Full name: : Wind River Linux Performance Studio for Intel® Architecture; a new add-on product for Wind River Linux that helps you get the most performance out of your embedded Linux device software running on Intel hardware 

If you correctly answered "3", give yourself a round of applause.

Our portfolio of development solutions have long addressed a broad set of embedded device development concerns in the areas of system definition, bring-up, software construction, integration & test, and maintaining and retro-fitting embedded device software and hardware. Now, with the introduction of Performance Studio, we not only have the broad development solutions portfolio but also further extend it with capabilities that enable us to go deeper into the platform and obtain the best performance out of embedded Linux software running on Intel® Core™, Xeon™, and Atom™ processors. 

Performance Studio integrates the Intel C/C++ Compiler to generate hardware optimized code, the Intel Integrated Performance Primitives to adapt your algorithms to take advantage of Intel acceleration capabilities (SIMD, AVX, AES, SSE, …), and VTune to help pinpoint areas in the application that are candidates to be optimized.

Want your software to run faster on your Intel embedded platform? Concerned with getting the most out of your Intel embedded hardware? Need to optimize a computational-intensive algorithm? Thinking about portability to future platforms? Need to get deeper insight into where your CPU is spending time, wasting time, or simply waiting?

We invite you to learn more about Performance Studio and its integration with Wind River Linux and Wind River Workbench. Also, check out a great blog posted by my colleague in the Wind River Linux Developer Community that provides some additional technical insights into this product.

Perf studio image
Many thanks to the teams in the Intel Developer Products Division and in the Wind River product group for the effort in bringing this solution to market.

I also want to use this time to wish our readers best wishes for this holiday season and peace, health, and happiness in 2012.


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