Diab Compiler Adding Support for new Infineon TriCore AURIX Microcontrollers

By Graham Morphew

Graham-morphew_smInfineon Technologies recently announced their next generation family of 32-bit TriCore™ microcontrollers for automotive applications.  The new architecture is called AURIX™ (AUtomotive Realtime Integrated neXt generation architecture) and it supports multi-core architectures of up to three independent TriCore CPUs.  The feature set of this new AURIX family is a perfect match for powertrain applications, electric vehicles as well as steering, braking, airbag and advanced driver assistance systems.  The Diab Compiler is used in these same applications because it meets the extreme code optimization needs of these types of applications as developers try to maximize performance within the tight memory constraints of a microcontroller’s on-chip memories.  It is this alignment of target markets that brought Wind River and Infineon together to form a partnership to to ensure the Diab Compiler is highly optimized for TriCore, so that our joint customers can meet the demanding specifications of their OEM customers.

The Wind River Diab Compiler team has been working hard to support this exciting new TriCore architecture and its new features, including up to 100 percent additional performance compared to the TC1798.  AURIX support and new optimizations will be coming soon in the next Diab Compiler release, including an integrated assembler for the AURIX’s powerful Generic Timer Module (GTM).  Key customers and early adopters are already using a preview of this release to evaluate the AURIX capabilities for some big upcoming automotive projects. 

AURIX has been designed to meet the highest safety standards and Wind River has also been making investments to support safety standards.  Investments in ISO 26262 and Automotive SPICE will add to our extensive proven-in-use track record in automotive Electronic Control Units (ECUs) with many of the world’s major automotive manufacturers. 

It’s this combination of advanced optimization technology, collaboration with semiconductor partners, a focus on safety and Wind River’s world class service and support that make the Diab Compiler so successful in the automotive industry.


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