Resistance is futile. You will be simulated!

By Michel Genard


Within our blog series, we frequently refer to functional simulation as a requisite to do things that aren't possible in the real world when working on a physical board and a cross development system to develop embedded software. By using simulation, you’re transported to a novel dimension where, because of the control over time, you can become Neo from the movie The Matrix and pull off clever and powerful tricks.

Virtutech mug

However, access to this dream requires you to have a model of your hardware system (i.e. virtual platform). Alas, these types of artifacts are not always at one's disposal soon enough or available at an affordable price point. This in turn, might initially seem like a major roadblock from using simulation and hence cause someone to give up any dreams of fundamentally changing how they develop software. To help users overcome any hesitations and achieve a new development paradigm, we are introducing an update to the core simulator of Wind River Simics. The latest version of Simics now includes the addition of the Quick Start Platform (QSP) that features a synthetic virtual platform coupled with an instruction set simulator for specific computer architectures. This enables users to immediately kick the tires of the Simics simulation for both PPC and ARM based systems. To create a unique or “sui generis” and the best possible customer out-of-the-box experience, we are ensuring QSP is seamlessly integrated with VxWorks and Linux Target operating environments. QSP is available starting today to help developers immediately benefit from using full system simulation when developing, debugging, and testing their software.

Don’t wait any further to shift left your development lifecycle I invite you to read up on the material we have put together around the newest version of Wind River Simics. It’s faster than ever to start using Wind River Simics, so see for yourself what the most powerful commercial functional full system simulator in the market can do for you. And yes, we’ve said it before… resistance is futile; you will be simulated, so don’t be shy. Let’s go!


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