Test Management 5.0: Extending testing to Android, security and beyond

By Ido Sarig

Ido-headshotToday we announced the latest  version of Wind River Test Management, which takes software test optimization to the next

With this release, we have unified our testing solutions
for VxWorks, Linux and Android under one umbrella. All the capabilities of Wind
River Framework for Automated Software Testing (FAST), our solution for Android
compatibility testing, have now been merged into Wind River Test Management.
This includes all the ready-to-run test assets, more than 26,000 tests in all, which are now available as Wind River Test Management for Android, with support for the
latest version of Android  – Jelly Bean – already available!

Also new in this release is a comprehensive package for
security testing. Our new Fuzz testing package enables testers to ensure the
application they are building rely on robust, secure protocols, and efficiently
find unknown vulnerabilities, in both in-house and third-party software. Powered
by market-leading technology from Codenomicon,
the Fuzz testing contained in Wind River Test Management enables software testers
to incorporate security testing into their day-today QA routine, without the
need for special hardware or for deep security expertise.

Additionally, current users of Wind River Test Management will
immediately notice a simplified workflow. We have spent considerable amount of
effort to streamline common usage scenarios – reducing keystrokes and mouse-clicks
wherever possible, rearranging tabs and screens so as to minimize the need to
hop around different areas of our application, and making more efficient use of
available screen real-estate, to provide essential information in an easy-to
access way . Enhancements to the presentation of information are probably best seen
in our newly designed test reports. Without sacrificing any detail in the
output, we employed simple but efficient 
layout changes and other  enhancements such as color coding that make reports
shorter, easier to read and more aesthetically pleasing.

There is much more to say about the new release – from the
newly introduced concept of test libraries to the new test development IDE –
and I will hopefully cover those in upcoming posts. Stay tuned!


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