Oct 03, 2006 Software Engineering

Domain Driven Design: Another buzzword?

By Michael Scharf

A few weeks ago I bought the book "Domain Driven Design"
by Eric Evans. For many years I’ve been very sceptical about "Design
Methodologies", because they seem complicated and not really practical
for the domains I’ve been working on. So, I did not expect too many new
insight when I started reading the book….

How wrong I was! Ok, lets start from the beginning… The basic idea
of Domain Driven Design is to come up with a language to describe the
problem domain. This is called an "ubiquitous language", because the
language is not only used in conversations but also in the formal
model. The formal model is represented and implemented in the
programming language of the system (e.g. java). This is a very agile
process, as you understand the domain better you will update the model.

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