Oct 25, 2006 Aerospace & Defense

Mapping Out The Future with TARDIS

By Paul Parkinson

I’ve just read a interesting article – ‘Mapping Out The Future With TARDISin the journal Jane’s International Defence Review (Volume 39, November 2006, page 29 Upgrade Update). Despite the title, this isn’t about The Tardis (wikipedia) time machine featured in the Doctor Who sci-fi television programme; but instead the Tornado Advanced Radar Display Information System developed by BAE Systems for the UK Royal Air Force’s Tornado GR-4 ground attack aircraft.


The Jane’s IDR article discusses the Device Software Optimisation
(DSO) strategy adopted by BAE Systems, and a high-level overview of
TARDIS’ capabilities. TARDIS actually uses state-of-the-art active
matrix liquid crystal displays can be used by the Tornado pilot and
navigator either co-operatively or
independently, and perform data fusion of radar data and digital
moving map display data to provide advanced enhanced situational
awareness for low-level terrain navigation and avoidance capabilities.

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