Oct 30, 2006

Software Core Values

By Maarten Koning

What core values do you use when you design software?  For VxWorks,
we defined the core values to be small footprint, scalable and modular
functionality, high performance, low latency and determinism, and
reliability.  Enumerating the core values for software is pretty useful
– it allows you to evaluate designs or technology at a high level to
see if there is a good fit for a specific problem (OK, opportunity)

When Wind River needs to leverage some software technology from one
product into another, one of the things we consider is the set of core
values to see if there is a match.  This helps us identify any
integration problems or technology re-work that might arise from
combining the software.  For example, a network stack from an open
source “best-effort” operating system that was designed for optimal
throughput might not align well with respect to the low latency or
footprint core values of a real-time operating system like VxWorks.

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