Jan 26, 2007 Telecom

The naked truth about using the phone

By Paul Tingey

Telecoms can be a somewhat dry subject at times so when I recently
tripped across a news release which made me giggle I decided it was my
responsibility to share it with you.

BT recently carried out a survey (Starkers Talkers)
asking what British people did while they were using the phone. Most
interesting (in a purely scientific way) is the fact that 49% of
British people are happy to talk on the telephone while naked in the
privacy of their own home.

Before I go further I should save the blushes of myself and other
Brits by adding that, whilst the results are from a survey of British
phone users, I can think of no good reason why they would not be
similarly valid in other parts of the world. I do not believe that the
British would be any more predisposed to naked telephony than other
similar cultures.

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