Aug 20, 2007 Aerospace & Defense

Matterhorn helicopter flight

By Paul Parkinson

Air Zermatt Eurocopter SA315 Lama photo

I’ve always wanted to go on a helicopter flight since my brother told me about his trip in a UK Royal Navy Agusta Westland Lynx, an amazingly agile helicopter, which still holds the world speed record of 249.10 mph – very close to the theoretical Maximum Forward Speed
(AerospaceWeb). So, I pleased when I recently had the opportunity to
fulfill this ambition while on holiday in the Swiss Alps with Air
Zermatt (English, German),
which in addition to being pioneers in alpine air-rescue and
transporting cargo to high alpine chalets, also offer sightseeing
flights over the Matterhorn (wikipedia) and the other 4000m peaks around Zermatt.

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