Feb 11, 2009 Tips & Tricks

E6500 Suspend Problem Solved

By Doug Gaff

I've had a breakthrough on my suspend issues. It seems that the Dell
Connection Manager Service was causing the suspend problem. As a
reminder, I have the 5530 HSPA AT&T card. When you install Dell
Control Point (DCP) and the associated drivers, you get Dell Connection
Manager, which is supposed to help manage all of your network devices.
Mostly it's redundant with the Network Center in Vista, but you do need
it to connect to the Internet over the WWAN card.

As I've complained before,
I don't like DCP. It's Dell QuickSet gone horribly wrong. So I've been
actively trying to replace it. In my searching for something else to
manage the WWAN card, I found an alternative utility called Dell Wireless Manager.
It's bundled with the 5530 drivers, but if you poke around on Dell's
FTP site, maybe you can find it for the other WWAN cards, too. It's a
nice little app for enabling/disabling the card, connecting, looking at
bandwidth usage (very important now that AT&T's data plan is 5GB /
month), etc. It doesn't work right away when you install it, though,
saying that it can't detect a WWAN card.

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