Feb 18, 2009 Networking

Mobile World Congress 2009 - LTE the buzz of the show

By Jessica Schieve

When we hear the words "Mobile World Congress" we
immediately think of a huge trade show focused entirely on the latest
and greatest smartphone technology. Over
the past few years smarthphones have certainly generated a lot of
attention. This year was no exception.  Pre-event buzz was all about
Google’s Android open source platform. Oddly, only a few announcements
have been made, Huawei’s entry into the smartphone market with
their Android-based prototype and the new HTC phone, Magic.

But Mobile World is about so much more. Long before smartphones
entered the scene, Mobile World Congress (3GSM) had a huge focus on
next generation network technologies. I'm happy to report the real buzz
going on at this year's show was not on the end user device but on the
next generation infrastructure, Long Term Evolution (LTE).

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