Mar 27, 2009 Aerospace & Defense

Evolution of a Planet's Evolution

By Mike Deliman

NASA Science News for March 26, 2009

in 2004, most experts would have said this story is impossible. No
rover could possibly survive long enough on Mars for a five-year
update. Yet here it is. Mission scientists reveal what Spirit and
Opportunity are up to on the Red Planet today–and what their prospects
are for the future.


Twenty years ago, experts would have said the thought of Oceans on Mars would be impossible!

When I was a kid, what we knew about Mars was not much. We knew it
was red, and sometimes had “snow” on the poles. We knew it had a longer
orbit than Earth. And that there were patterns and blotches visible in
earth-bound telescopes. Other than that, the prevailing science was:
Mars is dry, cold, and dead, and other than a long-ago period of
wetness, it had no potential for life.

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