Mar 02, 2009 Eclipse

Way too much fun with qemu

By Doug Schaefer

As I've been blogging about lately, I'm getting ready for my EclipseCon
tutorial which will walk the attendees through adding support for a
cross-compile environment to the CDT. The target of this environment
will be qemu running a tiny Linux platform which includes the latest
release kernel, busybox, dropbear with sftp-server from OpenSSH, using
the free glibc C run-time and gcc cross compile tools from CodeSourcery.

using the default ARM target for the latest qemu which unfortunately
has a bug in the FIFO emulation that interfaces with the emulated
SecureDigital card where I want my root file system. I asked on the
qemu-devel list and someone there sent me a patch they had posted a
couple of weeks ago. Checking out the qemu source from svn into the
CDT, I was able to fix up the function where this was done and I was
quickly up and running with my root file system on the SD card image.
Very, very cool!

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