Apr 06, 2009 Eclipse

Putting on my Fedora

By Doug Schaefer

Well, I did it, I finally did it. I ordered a 320GB drive and set up a
dual boot situation with my old Windows install and my spanking brand
new Fedora 10 on the rest of the disk. So far so good. It wasn't a
perfect process, including a 4 hour shrink of my NTFS partition. But
I'm up and running. And I have an out to go back if things go bad, but
I have a feeling I won't.

I have a Dell D830 and had to install the Broadcom wireless driver and
the nVidia driver for my NVS 140M graphics chip. Now, since these
aren't under open source licenses, you have to get them from other
sources, in my case rpmfusion.org. This is part of what sets Fedora
apart from Ubuntu. With Ubuntu, it's a lot easier to set this up. You
know you can mix GPL and !GPL and it's OK ;). At any rate, I deal with
it since I feel Fedora is a bit crisper, especially for those of us who
think they know what they're doing.

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