Jun 19, 2009 Diagnostics

Targeting Your Assets

By Paul Henderson

Embedded folks know that managing your target device is a key part of the development process. While you can do a lot on the host, the ‘rubber meets the road’ when you run your software on the actual target hardware at full speed.

Developers using IDE’s like Wind River Workbench have a nice target management environment that fully supports cross development. But testers don’t have this luxury. In testing, the whole process of managing devices is slow and painful.

Most companies have a lab full of equipment covering new and old devices of all configurations. Often with new devices, the prototype hardware needed by the team is scarce and expensive. Plus, these labs are spread across the world — Americas, Europe, China, India….  How do you know where the equipment is, and how do you get access to the device or board you need remotely – now?

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